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Meter bracket X 1. 3 mm Allen key X 1. Contact your local distributor if the items listed above are not the same as the one received. Wiring installation instructions . For installation, please follow the steps described in manual. Any damage Thank you for purchasing KOSO RX2N GP style meter, before operating the. Thank you for purchasing “KOSO RXIN GP style meter” the meter is displayed For installation, please follow the steps described in manual. Any RX1N POZ.

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I also found this Looking at the wiring on this one, what do you guys think? I am not very good with electrical stuff. What you all think? I could possibly get that plug diagram translated if you need.

RaceTechElectric | eBay Stores

You should ask if it comes with a manual. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Originally Posted by andrewebay1 View Post. No one else has an opinion on this unit?

If you think it’s crap, please tell me. Looks OK to me, but I am not big on electronics Maybe reference their crappy translation to the actual koso one. Some times its actual clones. Might be straight up the same. I’ll send it around to see if anyone could translate it. I think it would look great mounted into the false tank on my Goldwing project!

I am not trying to dog Koso because I think their gauges do look good but I have had a couple of friends that have had the 2 various models of the bigger Koso gauges and they have all seemed to have some reliability issues. Eventually they did get all their problems resolved usually it was an issue with their wiring harness and how it connects inside the gauge but that being said I’d be a lot more willing to test with a 65 dollar gauge that could turn out good, compared to shelling out bones for a gauge that has reliability issues.

I think once they reply to me with more details and possibly instruction manual, I will go ahead and order it and see if I can get it hooked up and working. They are on Chinese holiday right now it could be a week before they reply. Would anyone here be willing to help me out with a bracket for this thing?


I am not fab literate. If this turns out to be decent quality, I’d buy one for sure.

I’m sure we can come up with a bracket. If the mwnual are the same as a koso then its really easy. I can take some pics and measurements if anyone gets to that point. Otherwise in the rx2n installation thread there are pics of when Arctic did his. If we can pair that with an sv ‘esque style mini headlight fairing that would be sweeet!

User manual KOSO RX1N

Just as aerodynamic airplanes are simple and streamlined, a motorcycle–which manages to balance an engine and a seat between two wheels–has a mechanical integrity, with intertwining pipes, chains and springs, that is fascinating to behold – Peter Plagens. OK, so I broke down and bought one.

But not the one I mentioned before. I found a replica of the Koso RX2N. I think it has just about all the same features plus it has gear indicator as well: Maybe one of you can help me with a bracket for it Also, where would I hook up the gear indicator?

Is there a wire already on the klso that I would hook up to? What you got is probably a better buy. I was wondering a little bit about why the other one had a provision on the back for a mechanical speedometer. Also, when the words Donkey Kong are included in describing the speedomoter, it may be a sign something is a ex1n out there. It’s a shame he doesn’t have an RX1 replica. Originally Posted by rpcraft View Post.

Attached Images File Type: OK, so here is the wiring diagram for the one I got. I have couple questions I hope you guys can answer. And then ignore 18? I assume that is if I use the speed sensor that comes with unit. Also, are there wires in harness for gears?

KOSO RX-1N Replica 🙂 – Wrist Twisters

How would I hook up the gear mahual And, what do you think is spare power 19? Gear wires you will have to make a gear selector switch or go with the rxn1 from an aftermarket gear indicator setup. The Hornet never had anything to show gear selection other than Neutral so its not anything you can borrow from the factory harness.


If it is something that is always on surely there is a provision to turn that function off right? You may be able to take the gauge apart to see where the wire connects to the board inside and then trace the line route to see where it routes to. Hmmm, I guess I will skip out on the gear indicator.

What about the speed sensor? Am I understanding correct about connecting the 5V wire to harness and not hooking up the 18 speed wire? Got my unit today. I will create a new post since what I got is a RX-2N replica.

Can’t wait to hear how it turns out man!! Well, I got the RX2N replica and it didn’t work. I emailed them and they said that those replica units are only good for 1 cyl vehicles.

KOSO RX1N Motorcycle instrument 14000RMP LCD Digital Speedometer tachometer

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