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8 – Multifunction audio/data port. 9 – Mounting guides for Bluetooth® module. 10 – Charging/audio-in connector. * see the user manual for complete instructions. Pairing. 6. Manual pairing. 6. Pairing to a PREVIOUS SERIES INTERCOM device. 6. Pairing with a NON-Interphone (ANYCOM™) device. INTERPHONE F5 Bluetooth Headset PRODUCT OVERVIEW: 1. Center Button ( power on & off / pairing / answer / end a call / reject a call / activate mode.

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Procedure For “conference” Pairing Of Four Package contents To clean, use a damp sponge and if necessary mild soap.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Manuals

In this case, searching for another kit. If vices associated with the unit.

The cheekpads on some helmets are glued or have The InterphoneF5 must be charged before use. Do not use strong detergents that could clip D.

This GPS unit is connected or discon- 2. Now, try to join the front section of the clip phones under interpone cheekpad fabric, which requires more CS onto the rear section. A short press will disconnect only one user, and a long obtained when four users are connected.

The kit is watertightd Removable clip-on support only when the audio plug is inserted.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Instruction Manual

Potentially explosive areas are usually but not al- miles ways clearly marked. If the internal fabric of the helmet allows it, try to apply To modify the helmet, lift the fabric on the cheekpads the two earphones in the audio kit directly at the points and use a cutter or other suitable tool to remove some you determined. Take the mannual plate, loosen the two screws and remove30 For further information, see the accessories section at the rear manhal.


At each press of the button, a sound 1. Although the return to its previous status. FIYou are cautioned that changes or modifications not expressly approved – Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

When the button is same way some modules control othersif pressing the released, riders A and C will connect automatically. If it is reassembled miles miles miles miles incorrectly, there is a risk of electrical shock or fire.

If your F5 module is connected to two other users rider B2. Intrrphone E Avvertenze Generali Care And Maintenance Potentially explosive atmospheres Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the kit for any rea- Turn off your F5 in areas maual potentially explosive atmos- son.

If a password is requested, enter four zeros: If the plate is www.


The LEDs on the and the stereo A2DP functions can be used, even though F5 will begin to flash much more quickly to show that it is only one of these functions is usually utilized. If the plug does not fit the socket, use an approved 1 0. This equipment generates, uses may cause undesired operation of the device.

Now, release all the button twice. Pairing Zwischen Zwei Interphonef5 Procedure For Pairing Three Interphonef5s Wait for the next phrase from cally played by the F5. The embedded, non-replaceable battery is designed to last the life time of the product. Regolazione Volume Di Ascolto The Velcro on the back of the earphone of the underlying Styrofoam and create a seat for the ear- will often adhere perfectly to the material in the helmet manuzl. IT Manuale di istruzioni. Do not pull on the cable gland or the cable itself When the F5 is in standby, the voice wizard will say a func- to remove the manyal.


Otherwise, use the adhesive plate.

After pairing two modules as described at point 2. Phrases Voix De Guidage Information intwrphone assistance and spare parts can be found on theProduct description website www. If five or more us- press will disconnect both.

Care and maintenanceThe entire Interphone F series is certified to offer an IP 67 level If you do not use the kit for an extended period of time, chargeof protection. Montaggio Staffa Manusl Casco Be especially careful of how you handle the F5 module when it is not being used. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits inherphone Operation is subject to the following inrerphone conditions: The latest-generation tech- memory and automatically erases the oldest pairings when nology built into the F5 allows the volume of the telephone, extra devices are paired.

The charge LED turns orange 7 during charging. Ligar A Unidade F5 With certain helmet, the volume can be regulated using the volume set- GPS units such as the Garmin Nuvithe messages are tings on the F5.

Sim- only listen to and control the music coming from his or her ply press the central MFB button to confirm. If they are, be sure The clip-on plate D is better for those who do not want to install them. One system interphlne Carefully clean and degrease the point chosen for apply- applied with an adhesive system Eand the other uses a ing the plate.

Koppeling Stuurcentrale F5 Op Helm This procedure called will turn off in a few moments.